Wednesday, October 22, 2008

restaurant review: stoney river (roswell)

stoneyriverOctober is Anniversary month. My wife and I were married in October, as were my parents. This year, they came to visit as they celebrated their 40th. We went to Stoney River in Roswell for dinner and it was a fantastic evening.
I called ahead to hold a table just for after 7 PM. Even though it was a Monday, we didn’t want to risk a long wait. Funnily enough, my Dad called ahead as well, but after me. When he explained he was celebrating his 40th wedding anniversary and would like to hold a table, he had quite a laugh when they addressed him by name. The apple didn’t fall far, Dad.
We were greeted and seated promptly. There was a large party of co-workers seated nearby finishing their dinner. They were a bit loud and some were jawboning into mobile phones. It was tough to hear our server when she initially greeted us, but as soon as they left, the ambiance was much nicer.
Diving right into it, may parents split a Spinach Salad ($7.99) and my wife and I split a Head of Lettuce salad($6.99). Yes, it really is about 85% of an entire head of lettuce. My parents enjoyed theirs and ours was excellent, too. The lettuce was amazingly crisp (which illustrates a simple-to-do but often overlooked quality of iceberg lettuce). The tomatoes were fresh, the bacon crisp, and they remembered the extra blue cheese dressing I’d requested.
Next, we all had Filet Mignons. My Dad went for the 10oz Lodge Filet with burgundy mushrooms ($30.99) and the rest of us all ordered the 10oz Lodge Filet Oscar ($46.98). Stoney River doesn’t use any breading in their crab cake, so what arrived basically amounted to a filet with lump crab meat on and next to the steak. Both were the steak and crab meat were nicely seasoned and complemented each other (the crab cake even had bit of a southern drawl when it told the filet how nice it was). My wife and I both had baked potatoes; my Mom had the caramelized onion mashed potatoes.
The dinner was served at a well designed pace. We were able to eat and converse without rushing either.
The really nice surprise, however, came when instead of our server arriving to offer coffee and dessert – she just brought it! As anniversary gifts, we received the Almond-laced Top Hat (vanilla ice cream, raspberries, and triple sec sauce topped with a crispy almond sheet) and the Chocolate Fudge Cake (with vanilla ice cream and nuts). We ordered coffee and four wheel barrow assists so we could make it back to the car.
It was a spectacular evening and Stoney River really came through to help us celebrate. The service was very attentive, and we really enjoyed the experience. Stoney River has now firmly cemented itself as our #1 spot for special occasion dining on Atlanta’s north side. The food was just a bit more expensive than I’d like to see given the area and competition, and when busy, the acoustics were a bit rough, but the food and service were absolutely top notch.

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